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Better Business Bureau (BBB)

What is BBB?



The Better Business Bureau or BBB is a non-profit organization that sets and upholds good standards for honest and fair business behaviour. The BBB sets guidelines for marketplace trust in the US and Canada, and offers accreditation for businesses from various market sectors including the moving industry. Businesses that earn BBB Accreditation contractually agree and adhere to the organization’s high standards of ethical business behaviour. However, BBB can provide scores not only for businesses who are registered with them but also for those who are not.


What is their mission?

The BBB’s mission is to become the leader in the advancement of marketplace trust. The organization aims to do this by creating a community of dependable businesses, setting high standards of performance, encouraging industry best practices, honoring good role models, and denouncing substandard marketplace behaviour.

BBB Standards for Trust

They set high priority on the following:

  • Building market trust
  • Honest advertising and honest operations
  • Transparency
  • Honoring promises
  • Responsiveness
  • Safeguarding privacy
  • Integrity

BBB’s advocacy against moving fraud and moving scams

The Better Business Bureau honors reputable moving companies but at the same time, they also have an active advocacy against moving scams and fraud. The provide information on what customers should look for in a moving company. They even offer advice on how to avoid scams.

According to BBB, here are some of the red flags that customers should look out for:

  • Companies offering estimates over the phone or the internet.
  • Brokers that do not agree to on-site inspections.
  • Companies that require large initial deposits in cash.
  • Websites with no address, license or insurance information.
  • Instead of a registered company truck, they show up with a rental truck.
  • Companies that claim to cover all goods with insurance.
  • Moving companies with offices and warehouse facilities that are in bad condition.

Customer service

Consumers should check the BBB ratings before choose a company to help with their move. Similarly, consumers who feel that they have been victims ofscams or poor service should file complaints with BBB.

For more information about the Better Business Bureau and BBB ratings, visit

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