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Efficient Ways to Pack Clothes

Whenever the words moving and relocation are mentioned, people always imagine a dozen boxes filled with all sorts of possessions, being loaded into a moving truck. And of course, these boxes contain our material possessions that help make life more liveable. Things that basically, help to express and define who we are. Nothing says this better than our clothes.

Most people own more than just a few shirts and a couple of pants. Just ask any woman you know!

It’s very important to know the proper ways on how to pack clothes so that you can manage your space well without ruining anything.



Today we’re giving you the efficient ways to pack clothing:

  • Go over your belongings and scan carefully – The first step to any packing task is to go over what you own and scrutinize everything. Look at each of your clothes and ask yourself, “Which of these do I actually still wear?” Remember, you don’t have to bring everything with you. Get some discipline and leave the stuff you don’t wear anymore. Donate your old clothes to charity or maybe hold a garage sale to get some extra cash. Either way, you’ll have more space in your boxes, and much more money in earnings and savings.
  • Set aside clothes that you will wear immediately upon arrival – Imagine yourself arriving in your new home that’s filled with sealed boxes. What happens then if you want to take a shower or change into more comfortable clothing? To avoid the hassle, make sure to pack separately a few clothes (even underwear and socks) for immediate use. Put them in a travelling bag and take them with you or label one box with “OPEN THIS ONE FIRST”. Oh and make sure to save an outfit for moving day itself.
  • Organize according to season – Pack first your clothes that are out of season as you won’t likely use them for a long time. So if you’re moving during summer, make sure to bundle up all of your thick winter clothes in one container since you won’t be using them anytime soon.
  • Use your luggage – People often forget to use their luggage bags/containers when moving. One of the best ways to pack clothing is to pack them in a way like you would when you’re going for a trip. Put your clothes in a suitcase or in garment bags so everything will stay neat, secure and protected. Your most delicate items should be stored in luggage while the sturdier ones like sweaters and pants can be packed in boxes.
  • Consider wardrobe boxes – Wardrobe boxes are tall containers made specifically for clothes. They have a metal bar at the top where you can hang clothing such as suits, dresses and other garments that you don’t want to fold. Some of them are priced at $40 or so.
  • Fold your clothes – Don’t just dump your clothes into luggage or boxes. You need to fold them so as to maximize the space and prevent them from getting too wrinkled.
  • Pack shoes separately – Doing so will prevent your clothes from getting dirty. If you still have the original shoeboxes, make sure to use them. Shoeboxes are easier to count, manage and stack together. One good idea as to stuff the inside of your shoes with socks. This will enable the shoe to retain its original shape and form.
  • Pack your valuable separately – Rule number one for moving is to hold your valuable possessions personally. Don’t mix in your jewelry with your other clothing and accessories.
  • Label everything – Labels will save you a lot of time and effort during unloading and unpacking. Proper labels will let you determine which boxes go into which room and prevent things from getting lost. Be as specific as possible. For example “Wilson’s Office Clothes” or “Hale’s school uniform”.
  • Don’t use your clothes as padding for breakable items – Not only will they not help, they can also get damaged by this action.

Packing your clothes properly will keep them protected and wrinkle-free. The secret just lies in organization and a bit of effort.

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Ariane is a proficient moving advisor. She has experience in corporate, individual and special relocations, and is well-versed in coordinating moves, packing tips and shipment estimations.
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