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Best Moving Tips

5 Things You Must Sell Before the Move

Are you preparing for to change houses? If so then you must immediately start going over what you own in order to determine which ones are keepers and which ones need to go.

Last updated June 30, 2016
How to Tip Movers

A lot of people are confused about tipping when it comes to movers. But the fact of the matter is this- just like any other service industry, tipping movers is not required but of course highly appreciated.

Last updated June 30, 2016
Keeping it Simple

According to the US Census Bureau, about 43 million Americans move each year. In fact statistics have shown that the average American is likely to move at least 12 times in their lifetime.

Last updated June 30, 2016

Packing Tips

  • Buying Packing Materials and Supplies

    Packing is one of the most important aspects of moving
    December 26, 2017
  • How to Pack Artwork and Antiques

    If you’re planning to pack and move your clothes, shoes and other knick knacks, it’s almost as easy as 123. However, if you’re also planning to pack and transport delicate stuff like artwork and antiques, it’s an entirely different ballgame.
    June 30, 2016
  • Efficient Ways to Pack Clothes

    Admit it, when you think about the idea of moving, the first thing that pops to mind is your wardrobe. Your clothes, shoes, bags, socks, everything has to be packed beforehand. The problem is..
    June 30, 2016
  • Top 10 Packing Tips

    People who have experienced moving in the past will tell you that if there’s one activity that you really need to do properly, it’s packing. In fact, it’s one of the most time-consuming tasks involved in the moving process.
    March 3, 2017
  • Handling Bedroom Furniture

    If there’s one room in the house that we feel the most attachment to, it’s our bedroom. This is where we start and end each day, this is where we feel the most at ease.
    May 2, 2018
  • How to Choose the Right Boxes for Your Packing

    Using the right kind of packing materials could mean the difference between a smooth move and a disastrous one.
    June 30, 2016