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Last updated June 30, 2016
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According to the US Census Bureau, about 43 million Americans move each year. In fact statistics have shown that the average American is likely to move at least 12 times in their lifetime.

Last updated June 30, 2016

Services in Your New Neighborhood

Services make life easier and more comfortable

Have you already relocated to a new place or are you still in the process of preparation? Either way, there’s one very important task that you have to do before AND after your move – looking for services. By services, we’re talking about the different providers and establishments that offer you a valuable and necessary commodity or expertise that’s essential to your day-to-day life. Now that you’re moving to a new place, it’s essential to find new service providers that will make you and your family’s life more comfortable. To give you a more accurate idea, here’s a basic list of the services that you’ll have to look for in your new community.

Do your research about the following services:

  • School – If you have kids then this is one of the first things that you should look for. Find a school that’s within a good, accessible distance from your home. Public or private, the choice is yours, but do make sure that your child/children will get a good education there.  
  • Bank – Does your bank have a local branch in your new town? If so then you’re good to go. But if not, consider opening a new account with a local bank in your area. 
  • Water and Electricity – These are basic commodities that you should look into WAY BEFORE your actual move. Your new place should already have a good running water and electricity system before you move in. Ask your landlord about it if you’re a renter, otherwise, make sure to do the necessary arrangements.  
  • Cable Television – This is very essential for a lot of people. Get new subscriptions or transfer your old ones. 
  • Internet – Most cable TV providers offer internet services as a bundle. If not then you may want to look it up.  
  • Telephone and mobile services – Make sure to update or cancel your old ones, and subscribe to new plans if necessary. 
  • Doctor, Hospital, and Clinic – Don’t wait for emergencies to happen. You should have good medical contingency plans always at the ready. Gather addresses, key personnel and contact numbers. 
  • Veterinary – If you have pets. 
  • Supermarket – Where will you be purchasing your home and food supplies? Find the nearest supermarket and teach your entire household how to go there.
  • Pharmacy – For health concerns and medical errands.  
  • Church – You may also want to find out where you can attend a mass or service.
  • Barbershop and Salon – Okay, this may not be as vital as the other entries on the list, but hey, moving can be a stressful thing, so once everything’s settled, you owe yourself a day of pampering too!


The key is to do your research well before you actually need these services. Do some online research, ask your soon-to-be neighbours, take a tour around the town. Doing this ahead of time will spare you from a lot of confusion and headaches.

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