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Last updated June 30, 2016

Pets and Moving

Our pets are family to us. In their own little way, they’re a big part of our lives. So if you’re thinking about relocating somewhere else, bringing your pets along is non-negotiable. They have to come along.

But just like little children, our pets cannot take care of themselves. We have to prepare them for the transition, ensure that they are well-taken care of during transport, and help them adjust upon arrival. Otherwise, your pet will suffer from stress and that will spell problems for you too.


To make your move more pet-friendly, here are 10 tips you must remember:

1. Purchase a pet carrier and get him well acquainted with it.

A week before, put the carrier in the room where your pet stays. Feed him and give him treats near and inside the carrier. Ensure that your pet gets comfortable with carrier because he’ll be spending a long time inside it during travel.

2. Get him used to the idea of travelling.

For long-distance driving, it’s essential to get your pet used to riding inside a moving car. To do this, bring him along for short trips around town a few weeks ahead of time.

3. Consider tranquilizers or sleeping pills

If you’re going to travel by plane with an anxious or aggressive pet, you may opt to make him sleep before check-in. Consult with your vet regarding this in order to get safe recommendations.

4. Provide a spare leash or collar for long flights.

Just in case your pet needs to be removed from his crate during the flight, tape a leash or collar on top of the crate.

5. Update your pet’s tag.

Make sure that your pet’s tag is updated with your new contact information.  You can put the information on his crate or carrier as well.

6. Get licenses.

Some places require special permits when travelling with animals. In addition to this, there are cities that will require you to get new licenses for your pet. Try asking around city hall or the local animal shelter for information.

7. Pack all of your pet’s personal things.

To make the transition easier for your pet, make sure that you’ve brought along all of his favourite things- crate, toys, treats etc. 

8. Keep them inside for some time.

Once in your new house, keep your pets inside for some time and don’t let them get out. This is especially important for cats because they tend to wander off more than dogs. They might even decide to find your old home and that could be a big problem.

9. Potty train all over again.

Show your pet where his new potty is. Be patient and remind him that there are still rules to be followed.

10. Spend time with them.

It’s important to spend time with your pet. Make them feel right at home and show them that your bond hasn’t changed. Giving them attention will help them to adjust faster. 

When you decided to welcome a pet into the family, it entailed a lot of responsibilities for you as an owner. Now that you’re moving to a new home, you have to ensure that you’re still in tune with those same responsibilities. After all, your pet will help you feel right at home too.

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