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Last updated June 30, 2016
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Last updated June 30, 2016

How to settle in to your new home

Nervous, scared, overwhelmed. These are the usual emotions that people feel when they find themselves in a new home. Usually, it’s a mixture of all three with a bit of nostalgia on the side. It’s alright to acknowledge these feelings but if you let them control you for too long, you’ll get stuck in a rut and dread this new chapter in your life.  Don’t worry because there’s a secret to battling these negative emotions- being productive.

There are a lot of things to do in your new home and you have to go through them step by step. Once you cross off bullets from your checklist, you’ll feel better and start looking more positively at the days ahead.

Start with basic unpacking

Don’t rush through all your belongings. Unpack the essentials first. This includes basic toiletries, beddings, some clothes and maybe kitchen tools. Make sure that you have everything needed to start your new life. Seeing your basics will assure you that you’ll be alright. Finish unpacking everything a little later.


Social calls

After dealing with your initial unpacking, it’s time for some social calls. Call your close family and friends, and inform them that you have arrived safely in your new home. Make sure to thank all those who helped you with the transition. If you moved with your family, gather them in a room and talk. Joke around and have some fun. Talk about the challenges you encountered and assign tasks for the next coming days. This way, everybody feels involved and important. It’s also a nice time to bond and keep calm. The basic idea is to assure yourself and your family that you are not alone in this.

Another important aspect of social calls is to contact your new apartment manager, land lord or agent. Try to be as friendly as possible because this will benefit you in the long run. You need friends in the right places.

Finish unpacking

Finish unpacking and get settled in. Don’t rush through this process because if you have lots of stuff, unpacking can take a few days or even weeks. Also, make sure to be careful or else, you might damage your things.

Here’s a tip to speed up your unpacking: when you’re still in the process of packing your possessions, you can group them according to which room they should go to. Label each moving box and indicate where it should be placed. This way, you can go room to room and find that everything you need is already there.

Claim it as your new home

For some people, it helps a lot if they see the things that remind them of their old home. Whether it be picture frames, pillows, or a night light, go ahead and put them on display right away so you can calm down and feel right at home.

On the other hand, don’t be afraid to create a “new” home. Now is the chance to create a new life for yourself and what better way to do that than to design and beautify your new place according to your liking. A mirror here, a carpet there, some flowers here or a big television there- all of these will help you to claim and accept your new home.

Go out and explore the neighbourhood

Walk around your neighbourhood and find out where important public service posts are. Try locating the nearest post office, police station and fire station. Check also the location of the dry cleaners, grocery stores, pharmacies, banks and restaurants. If you have kids then it’s also a great idea to drive by their new school, as well as the local park or mall. Make sure to smile and friendly to the people you’ll be meeting along the way. You don’t want to be the creepy new person in town. Who knows, you might just be able to meet some new friends along the way.

Notify everyone that needs to be informed

Most service providers and a good number of government agencies have to be informed if you change your address. Make sure that notify them well in advance so you won’t encounter difficulties in the future. You may also need to get a new driver’s license if you’ll be living in a new state.

Moving is not easy, but it can also be exciting. Take your time settling in and once you have, think about all the new memories, friends and adventures you’ll be making. You’ll be rearing to get started in no time!

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