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How to Move With Cats

Nobody can deny that cats are adorable. Cat owners will surely testify to the unique charm that kitties have. So if you’re planning to change your address soon and are also a cat owner, it’s non-negotiable- you HAVE to bring your feline friend with you.

Moving with cats is not as simple as with only a truckload of furniture. It’s a delicate process that you have to pay extra attention to. But don’t you worry because today, we’ll list down the options, do’s and don’ts of moving with cats. Read on to find out.


Prepare a special holding room

Prepare a spare room in the house. This will be where your cat will stay on the day the movers arrive. One of your bedrooms is ideal, but you must make sure that it has already been cleared of furniture ahead of time. Place your cat’s litter box inside the spare room and include its favourite things as well. This can include cat beds, toys, water bowls etc. Make sure to keep the cat as comfortable as possible, so as to keep your pet in a calm and happy mood.

If you don’t have a spare room, you can ask one of your close friends to hold the cat for you while the work is being done.

sPURRcial Delivery

Relocating cats is different from appliances or furniture. Your pet cat should be considered special cargo. As much as possible, your pet should be the very first delivery to your new house. Again, make sure that you bring all of its paraphernalia, and keep them close to your pet. Once you arrive, keep your cat in a safe and secure room in the house. That way, your cat will be safe from all the hustle and bustle that’s going on, AND it won’t be loitering around causing accidents either. Make sure that you pat your kitty and ensure it that all is well. Don’t ever leave them for granted for too long.

Let your cat explore

While for the first few days it’s best to keep your cat confined in one room, once the storm is over, give it freedom to roam around your new home. By this time, the cat should already have accepted the area, and it’s now time to go exploring. Your cat will want to roam around and experience the new sights, sound and smells of your home. Lock all doors and windows first so your cat doesn’t stray outside. After it’s done with the interiors, decide when you can let your pet out to the yard. Most experts agree that this should only be done after about two weeks.

Make your pet feel at home

Your pet should always feel calm and secure. Regular attention will help a lot, but it also helps to let it have its own way. Just make sure to place the cat bed or litter somewhere nice, like by a sunlit window. Your cat will love the view of the outdoors and the warmth of the sun as well.

But in the end, it will all boil down to what type of relationship you and your cat possess. The adjustment process will depend on what type of pet you have trained. Some cats prefer to be held by their owners. Most love freedom to roam, while others, may need to be harness-trained.

What matters most is the effort and attention you put into this transition with your pet cat. You have to take care of it and make the move as comfortable for them as possible.

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