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Moving to Salt Lake City: Surviving the Horror

I had heard great things about Salt Lake City and so I was excited about relocating to that area.  I was ready for a change in scenery and had always been fascinated by the idea of skiing.  I figured the experience would be profound and unique.  It was unique alright.  I managed to pack my belongings neatly and rented a truck with a trailer so that I could haul my belongings to what would soon be my new home but that was only the beginning of the experience.

I had not originally started out with a moving company.  Since the packing part went so well, I figured that actually driving the twelve hundred mile distance would be a cake walk.  However, driving alone made navigating very difficult.  I managed to make a wrong exit at least four times before I had even left my home state and stopping for directions proved to be a task.  When I asked for direction I ended up sitting rather patiently while three older gentlemen argued and gave me three different sets of directions.  Eventually I contacted a moving company and explained that I needed some help.


The man that I spoke with was extremely kind and helpful.  After discussing pricing options with me the man scheduled his team to come and assist me.  When they arrived they opened the back of the truck that I had rented only to discover that my boxes were in complete disarray rather than neatly stacked and proceeded to immediately help me organize my belongings.  They also assisted me the rest of the way which mean that I did not have to deal with any more wrong turns.

The best thing about hiring professionals:

  • The organization and friendly service that they provided
  • Removal of the burden of stress
  • Surprisingly great rates
  • Exceptional navigation experience

I had never in my life though that moving  would be such a chore and had I done the entire trip on my own, I’m sure it would have taken me much longer.  Now that I am settled in my new home and enjoying my weekly skiing lessons, I realize that it was all made possible thanks to the assistance of professionals.

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Ariane is a proficient moving advisor. She has experience in corporate, individual and special relocations, and is well-versed in coordinating moves, packing tips and shipment estimations.
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