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Last updated June 30, 2016
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Last updated June 30, 2016
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Last updated June 30, 2016

Moving from New York to California

After I retired from my job I informed my wife that I wanted to relocate somewhere new so that we could enjoy our retirement years in a new place with sunny weather and warmth.  My wife and I put our house up for sale and started looking online for a new home.  We eventually settled on a beautiful ranch style home in California.  We both agreed that this would be a big move to make but well worth it considering the sandy beaches, sunshine, and entertainment available for people our age.

Within just six week we had our home sold and our new home purchased.  A few weeks prior my wife pointed out that hiring a moving truck was not going to be enough.  Both of us are older now and unable to continuously lift boxes.  We called around and eventually hired a company to help us with the entire process.  They came over and packed up all the trucks themselves.  All we had to do was look forward to moving from New York to California.  We did not have to worry once about packing up our belongings.


Once the trucks were loaded and ready to go I was surprised to find out that the moverswould also be helping us unload the trucks at our new home.  Within less than a week we were on our way.  Since my wife and I did not have to stress about our belongings we were able to enjoy the changes of scenery as they went by.

We arrived at our new home and enjoyed looking around the neighborhood while the movers quickly got to work unpacking our belongings.  In no time at all my wife and I was enjoying setting all of our furnishings and personal knick-knacks in their new rightful places. Because of the long distance moving company, our experience was both quick and easy.

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