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Moving Across The Country: From LA to NY

When I first received notice that I was being transferred from my job in LA to a corporation in New York my initial thought was panic.  I had no idea how I was going to manage getting everything packed up and transported from one end of the country to the other.  I immediately began packing my belongings but nothing turned out as planned.  By the end of the first day I had tape in my hair, random objects just tossed in boxes and I still had not made a dent.

Fortunately, my friends suggested that I seek outside help from a moving company to make my experience a little easier.  I called around, asked for price quotes and eventually settled on a company.  I could not have been happier with my decision.  As soon as they showed up to help me, I realized that I should have called them from the start.  They easily helped me sort my belongings without the hassle of pulling tape from my hair, getting tripped up by my two large dogs, and having a face full of cat asking for my attention.


Initially I had shyed away from the idea of hiring professionals and figured I could handle everything on my own.  I was concerned about how much it would cost me.  However, after realizing that I had packed undergarments in with dishes, toiletries in with books, and decorative items in with towels, I knew I needed help.  I was surprised to realize it did not cost me as much as I thought it would and the quality of service was great.  They were friendly, kind, and responsible.

Now that I am finally settled in my new location, I realize it would have been a terrible experience without expert assistance.  My suggestion to anyone in the same situation is to:

  • Ask friends, family, and neighbors about recommendations for good moving companies.
  • Consider the fact that hiring professionals makes moving an easier process.
  • Always shop around before settling on the first company that you find.

Just these few suggestions can go a long way toward making your experience as easy as mine was. For a quick start, just use the form above.

Written By
Ariane S

Expert Moving Advisor

Ariane is a proficient moving advisor. She has experience in corporate, individual and special relocations, and is well-versed in coordinating moves, packing tips and shipment estimations.
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