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Tennessee Moving Companies Quotes

From Knoxville to Nashville to Memphis, the state of Tennessee offer lush beauty, culture, and business opportunity.  Tennessee has some of the lowest tax levels in the United States and a much lower cost of living than the nation’s average (18.94% lower).  With a seventy percent home owner rate, business and tourism opportunities thriving, and a gorgeous natural landscape many people are moving to this great state.  However, with large universities, military bases and hospitals, and large corporations located within Tennessee, people are transferred out on a regular basis.

Getting Tennessee moving quotes in the Volunteer State can be confusing. Here are a few recommendations to simplify the process.

1.  Compare movers within the type you need.  Local and long distance companies will have differing areas of expertise.

  • When you are relocating locally, such as within the Nashville metropolitan area, the experience of local movers can be invaluable.  They know the construction zones, streets, neighborhoods, parking availability, and local businesses.  They can help everything go very smoothly.
  • Long distance movers understand crossing state lines, trucking etiquette, and have the experience driving long routes.
  • Those who specialize in international moves know about currency exchanges, customs, language issues, and using varying modes of transportation, like trains, boats, planes, and trucks.

2.  Get quotes on the amount of service you need.

  • Full service providers will typically be located in large cities, like Memphis.  They can do everything for you from packing to unpacking and everything in between.
  • Transportation companies pick up the items you have packed in boxes or prepared for the move and drive it to your destination.  Some even drop off the container which you fill and then pick it up.

3.  See if you qualify for discounts.  Don’t be afraid to ask for a deal.

  • Students at the University of Tennessee or other higher education institutions may be able to get a deal on services.
  • Military personnel from the Army Ammo plants, Millington Naval Hospital, or Arnold Air Force Base may get military service discounts.  Veterans may also be eligible.
  • Senior citizens also sometimes get lower rates than other customers.

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