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Fall In Love with Maryland

A place where you can find various place for arts, culture, and education such as The Maryland Historical Museum, Walters Art Museum, Jefferson Patterson Park and Museum, Antietam National Battlefield, National Children’s Museum, The Baltimore Museum of Art, King Williams School (1696, first school in the country), University of Maryland (opened the first dental school in the country), and the National Aquarium in Baltimore’s Inner harbor, Maryland is indeed rich in places where you can enjoy while learning.

With a total area of 12,407 square miles, Maryland was the birthplace of some iconic figures like Babe Ruth, and the Sultan of Swat. It was also the first state to implement the Workmen’s Compensation Laws that was enacted at the year 1902.

Culture, history, and a good standard of living, Maryland sure is one of the best places to live in the United States.

After Falling In Love, You Move In

Moving in doesn’t just refer to lovers! Once you’ve fallen in love with the beauty of Maryland, you would definitely want to stay.

But before you do, it’s important for you to plan your relocation carefully.

You can start with finding a good moving company that you can trust. Make sure that it’s accredited and licensed by the federal agencies for the moving industry. And ensure also that they have a good history with previous clients.

Afterwards, you can start creating a timetable for the tasks you need to do prior to moving day.

This should include making an inventory of your possessions, arranging for basic utilities, arranging your banking and financial records, preparing your children and their education (if you have any), and of course, the dreaded task of packing.

Just remember to do things one step at a time. Use your timetable as a guide on how much progress you’ve done. Don’t panic and don’t stress out too much.

Moving can be a fun and life-changing moment. You just need to breathe, prepare, and make the most out of it!

Find Movers the Easy Way

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Top Moving Companies in the Area

  • Alliance Rleocation Systems
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  • Movers Gaithersburg MD
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  • Rent Our Boxes
    • Specialties

      ... saving the planet one box at a time. Don't Buy Moving Boxes! Rent Our Boxes is a new national cooperative of independent business owners - all locally owned in their markets - providing moving boxes (for sale and rent) as well as packing tape, bubble wrap, packing paper at prices FAR less than all the others.Plus - we offer FREE delivery with a minimum order - to your door within a 2-hour time frame of when YOU need your moving supplies.Pack Early. Go Green. Save Money. Save the Environment (Reusing IS Better than Recycling) Be happy.

    • History

      Established in 2009 Rent Our Boxes LLC is the innovator of the first moving box rental business in America that has already achieved resounding success here in Northern Virginia, the District of Columbia and the Maryland suburbs.In addition, successful Rent Our Boxes independent business owners are operating in New England (Boston metro area); New York & New Jersey; Charlotte, NC; Ohio; Florida; Minneapolis-St. Paul; Arkansas, and other major metropolitan areas soon.The company's mission is to rent (and sell) our custom-made moving boxes and moving supplies to people planning their upcoming move. We offer free delivery within a two-hour window; and when your all finished with your move and unpacked, we pick up our boxes and prep and ready them for another mover's use.

    • Meet the Business Owner: Bill B.

      After 25 years in a successful career in international business development in publishing and media for major companies and the death of his wife in New England, Bill had to close-up their 2 bedroom condo here in the DC area and move everything back to the family's home in outside of Boston.Bill had never had to the packing; scheduling; or anything to do with this move. With only his 2-seater convertable sports car, and the $549.00 he spent on moving boxes and supplies from a well known local self-storage place, Bill was forced to pay the high schooler who swept the floors there another $40.00 to deliver those supplies - to the middle of his apartment complex parking lot.Shortly thereafter, Bill met a guy who founded a company overseas who was doing the same thing in his country - renting moving boxes and delivering them.In 2009, Bill formed a company for his three teenaged children and launched Rent Our Boxes to serve movers here in the Baltimore - Washington DC corridor. user photo

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  • My Truck Buddy
    • Specialties

      (***Check below for archived reviews -- there's a ton of 'em!***) We specialize in "small moves," i.e. two-bedroom apartments or smaller, and we can usually complete these moves in five hours or fewer. We help people not only get from Point A to B, but to do it in the least expensive way possible. We also specialize in keeping the process simple. After doing thousands of moves since 2007, we know what to expect, and how to share best practices that save you time and money. Either call us to discuss your project, or fill out the simple online form on our website.Our adherence to simplicity extends to the billing process, too. We absolutely refuse to load up an invoice with little nickle-and-dime fees that add up to thousands of dollars. We don't charge extra for things like long walks, stairs, small elevators, etc. We won't even charge extra if you're not as prepared as you'd like to be. All you pay is one low hourly rate and truck fee. That's it. MTB -- DC's Buddy with a Truck.

    • History

      Established in 2007 The creation of was a most unexpected development. In the spring of 2007, my wife and I learned of the impending arrival of a little bundle of joy. This was a joyous occasion, but it led to certain complications. My wife would have to quit her job as a wine consultant (she had to test several vintages per day -- tough gig, right?)So, to compensate for the lost income, I started hauling things for people with my pickup truck after work. (I was a staff writer for a small non-profit). That worked fine for awhile, but eventually the economy hit our organization, too. I was laid off before Christmas 2008 along with about a dozen other people. With a "severance package" of two more paychecks coming, I decided to devote everything to MTB. Fortunately, that gamble worked and we've been helping people move ever since. Although, now, instead of using a pickup truck we have a small fleet of nice, waterproof box trucks!

    • Meet the Business Owner: Christopher J.

      Chris came to DC from the other Washington (State), via Montana, to be a journalist...or something. He wasn't really sure, but he knew he wanted to "do something" or maybe even "make a difference." Unfortunately, he wasn't very good at setting or following goals, and deadlines just so weren't his thing, man.The one good thing to come from his short journalism career was meeting his wife at a newspaper. As it often happens with rootless young men, marriage and eventually children turned him into a responsible young man, although with a little less hair. When times got tough, Truck Buddy got going, and now he presides over a growing business that nets literally HUNDREDS of dollars every single year. user photo

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  • Above & Beyond Movers
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  • Moving Company Baltimore
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  • Ab Mover Solution
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  • Ace Worldwide Moving & Storage Companies
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  • Always Moving
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  • Three Marines And A Truck
    • Specialties

      No minimum hours, Respect, Care, Teamwork. The greatest attribute to our company policy is that each move is completed under the full supervision of one of the owners or company managers, and 90% of the time they also a working member of the team helping in carefully moving your furniture. We only hire professional movers with 5 years or more of industry experience or military backround.

    • History

      Established in 2010 Our Story:This company was created by very talented hard working citizens who have dedicated much of their lives to serving our country, and to this day, continue to be helping hands in our community. Year after year, we would see our buddies having a tough time connecting to the real life after serving their country. They all had something in common, just as we did, discipline and hard working ethics.How we started....Years back a very close friend in our group started a moving company. He would always let us work on the weekends, and when we were off duty visiting our home town. That is where we started, and the company just began to grow and grow. We knew we had the drive and good attitude, but we had to polish our skills because now we were dealing within our citizens delicate, personal property. We spent months training, working with other professional movers, paid professionals and quite a few free moving services

    • Meet the Manager: Andrew A.

      I have been in the moving industry for over 20 years now and always enjoyed every moment of it. A few years back I took an early retirement after I sold my established company due to having had three young children. I never thought I would be back in the moving business again, but my long time buddies insisted and proved to me that they were serious and did an amazing job starting this company. We all have kept our word to this day to work hard by being present at every job. It has been tough but the rewards have been great, and our families are closer than ever.