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Indiana Moving Companies Quotes

A Peek Inside Indiana

With a total land area of 35, 867 square miles Indiana is one of the largest industrial centers in the United States.

Indiana is home to the 41-mile Lake Michigan waterfront which is one of the world’s greatest industrial centers. They provide iron, steel and oil products that are all contributors to the state’s income. Other products produces in Indiana include automobile parts and accessories, mobile phones, recreational vehicles, bus and truck bodies, farm machinery, aircraft engines, and structural steel. And of course, Indiana also has furniture and pharmaceutical products.

So you see, if you’re looking for a thriving economy with a lot of opportunities, Indiana is definitely the place to be.

What to Look For In a Moving Company

But before you start packing for your Indiana move, you have to know the essentials.

Everything starts with choosing the best moving company.

As a precaution, make sure that you’re getting quotations from at least three different companies. Don’t just hire the first ones you talk to. In order to find the best movers, you need to make comparisons.

You want a moving company that’s accredited with the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA) and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association (FMCSA). It’s also a good idea to check with the Better Business Bureau to verify if your contenders have good customer feedback.

To ensure their professionalism, the company’s trucks should have signs and logos in them. Unmarked trucks could be a sign that they just rented it out and don’t really own them.

You also want a company that is clear when it comes to their charges. You can opt for a binding statement which will not change regardless of the situation but make sure that they’ll show you a breakdown of the costs.

You should also try checking if they have functional contact numbers and an actual office. If all that you ever get is an automated answering machine, you should be cautious. Good movers should provide people who will address your  concerns.

Your Indiana Move Starts Here

Now that you know what to look for in Indiana movers, you’re probably wondering what to do next.

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Top Moving Companies in the Area

  • A-Line Inc
    Company has not supplied an info yet
  • Wooten’s Moving & Delivery
    Company has not supplied an info yet
  • Safeway Moving Systems
    Company has not supplied an info yet
  • Here To There Movers
    • Specialties

      We provide Local and Long Distance moving. We office storage at 2 different location in indianapolis. We have another office in Fort Wayne, In. Our call center is open 24/7. We provide in home estimates. We will load and unload rental trucks... We do not have a minimum. Please see our website for all the details about our service.

    • History

      Established in 2003 I started this company as a way to make money in collage. My dad owned a box truck and used it on the weekends. Now we have 10 trucks in 2 cities with 2 storage facilities.

    • Meet the Business Owner: Joshua B.

      I grew up in the Auction business. I am the third generation antique dealer. Although, it's mostly a hobby for me. Here To There is tied in with several of the major auction houses in Indianapolis.

  • Ray’s Movers
    Company has not supplied an info yet
  • Anytime Inc
    Company has not supplied an info yet
  • Porter Harry Auctioneer
    Company has not supplied an info yet
  • JC Movers & Lumper Services
    • Specialties

      At J.C. Movers and Lumpers Service-We are a growing moving company that specialize in providing a variety of moving help,general labor and extensive cleaning services.We offer an affordable way to move. You rent the truck (ABF, Uhaul, Penseke, Ryder, Budget, Elite, etc) or P.O.D.S. and We will Pack /Unpack your house, Pad all your furniture, Load and Unload your truck. We make moving easier and we work hard with care. We also do junk removal, and extensive cleaning maid services domestic as well as commercial.We also carry all your moving needs such as boxes, tape,shink wrap furniture pads (local), paper pads, bubble wrap & etc...Fees apply No extra charges for hand trucks, furniture dollies, handstrap or toolsWe would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust & deliver you the best service in the industry. Please visit our website at or contact one of our represenatives at 877-745-3646 Open 6 days a week Sorry No Sundays

    • History

      Established in 1999 This company started many years ago. When Everett Jr also known as jun got tired of working hard for moving companies like alexander movers and big "O" movers & etc. for what felt like nothing. And watch there owners bring in all the money. And never fulfill there promises of taking care of the backs that carried them. Then One day Jun and Chandra had lunch and start talking, They came up with a plan to start there own moving company. It started with having happy fairly paid, well trained, trustworthhy employees. they figured if there employees show a work hard with care attitude as well as a customer service friendly personality. The sky was the limit.They did odd jobs for several years. Then in Janurary 2009 they decided to take the bussiness to the next level and bring a more affordable moving establishment to Illinois. They start building relationships with different companies such as uhaul, penske, hireahelper & etc...And now we wish to grow with you.

    • Meet the Manager: Everett G.

      Everett started moving furniture at a young age changing rooms around at home with his mother and four brothers about every 6 months. At first he hated until his late 20's when he saw he was good at it so he threw down his apron and picked up humpstrap and never looked back. He always has the customers furniture as well as there home or apartment and security deposit own his mind as he moving there items. Everett has a wonderful personality. He believe if you take care of the customer the customer will take care of you thats why he teaches his fellow employees to work hard and do it with care.

  • Two Men and A Truck
    Company has not supplied an info yet
  • King Gorilla Movers
    Company has not supplied an info yet