Best Moving Tips

5 Things You Must Sell Before the Move

Are you preparing for to change houses? If so then you must immediately start going over what you own in order to determine which ones are keepers and which ones need to go.

Last updated June 30, 2016
How to Tip Movers

A lot of people are confused about tipping when it comes to movers. But the fact of the matter is this- just like any other service industry, tipping movers is not required but of course highly appreciated.

Last updated June 30, 2016
Keeping it Simple

According to the US Census Bureau, about 43 million Americans move each year. In fact statistics have shown that the average American is likely to move at least 12 times in their lifetime.

Last updated June 30, 2016
  • AL
  • AK
  • AZ
  • AR
  • CA
  • CO
  • CT
  • DE
  • FL
  • GA
  • HI
  • ID
  • IL
  • IN
  • IA
  • KS
  • KY
  • LA
  • ME
  • MD
  • MA
  • MI
  • MN
  • MS
  • MO
  • MT
  • NE
  • NV
  • NH
  • NJ
  • NM
  • NY
  • NC
  • ND
  • OH
  • OK
  • OR
  • PA
  • RI
  • SC
  • SD
  • TN
  • TX
  • UT
  • VT
  • VA
  • WA
  • WI
  • WY
  • Alabama Moving Companies Quotes, AL

    Alabama with the meaning "Here we rest" or "we dare maintain our rights" only few from this large history of this southern state.

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  • Alaska, AK

    Alaska, the largest state in US by area, was purchased from Russia for $7,200,000. on August 1, 1867

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  • Arizona, AZ

    Name of the state comes from an earlier Spanish name, Arizonac with meanning “small spring”,

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  • Arkansas, AR

    Arkanzas it "land of downriver people" or "people of the south wind".

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  • California, CA

    Beautiful California, the Golden State, is filled with breath-taking scenery, wonderful cities and amazing cultural contrasts.

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  • Colorado, CO

    Name Colorado comes from Colorado river or from spanish Rio Colorado

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  • Connecticut, CT

    Connecticut is located in the New England region of the United States

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  • Delaware, DE

    The First state. And closely tied to the impact of the Du Pont family

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  • Florida, FL

    Sunny Florida attracts a lot of people with its palm trees and hot beaches.

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  • Georgia, GA

    Georgia impire state of the south or simply Peach state

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  • Hawaii, HI

    The Aloha state

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  • Idaho, ID

    Idaho the Gem state

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  • Illinois, IL

    Land of Lincoln, Prairie state or simply windy state

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  • Indiana, IN

    The Hoosier state

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  • Iowa, IA

    The Hawkeye state

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  • Kansas, KS

    Kansas the sunflower state

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  • Kentucky, KY

    This is a Bluegrass state

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  • Louisiana, LA

    This is pelican state

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  • Maine, ME

    The pine tree state

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  • Maryland, MD

    Little America

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  • Massachusetts, MA

    The Godfish state

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  • Michigan, MI

    The Great lake state

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  • Minnesota, MN

    North Star State. Land of 10,000 Lakes

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  • Mississippi, MS

    The Magnolia state

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  • Missouri, MO

    The "show me the state" was named by Missouri River

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  • Montana, MT

    Montana is The Treasure State, full of wonders of all shapes and sizes.

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  • Nebraska, NE

    Cornhusker state is crossed by many historic trails

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  • Nevada, NV

    Nevada is home to Las Vegas, which is a city of great chances for many visitors every year.

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  • New Hampshire, NH

    The state of New Hampshire located in the northeastern part of the US. Located in the New England region of the country

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  • New Jersey, NJ

    Located in the Northeastern and Middle Atlantic regions of the United States, New Jersey is home to a population of around nine million people..

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  • New Mexico, NM

    Land of Enchantment

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  • New York, NY

    New York is the most well-known city in the US and arguably the whole world too.

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  • North Carolina, NC

    North Carolina wow this small state has nice atlantic ocean on the east and gorgeous mountains on the west

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  • North Dakota, ND

    A lot of US states are currently weary of their economic state. Most are trying to figure out how to make more jobs and how to keep their budgets afloat. But nor North Dakota though..

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  • Ohio, OH

    Ohio-the mother of presidents, the birthplace for aviation

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  • Oklahoma, OK

    Whether you are moving to Oklahoma for family in Altus, a job in Oklahoma City, or a simple need for a quiet life in Stillwater,

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  • Oregon, OR

    The Beaver state

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  • Pennsylvania, PA

    Quaker State, State of Independence

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  • Rhode Island, RI

    The Ocean State

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  • South Carolina, SC

    The state of South Carolina is located in the deep south of the United States. To its north is North Carolina, to the south is Gerogia, and to the east lies the Atlantic Ocean..

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  • South Dakota, SD

    In the Midwestern region of the United States lies South Dakota, a state covering 77,116 square miles of land and an estimated population of just over 800,000..

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  • Tennessee, TN

    From Knoxville to Nashville to Memphis, the state of Tennessee offer lush beauty, culture, and business opportunity.

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  • Texas, TX

    The Lone Star State has many helpful companies when it comes time for you to move to or from any city in Texas.

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  • Utah, UT

    Utah is filled with beauty, adventure, and culture. Whether you are moving to or from the state, you can appreciate its red cliffs, mesas, mountains, and climate.

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  • Vermount, VT

    The least populated New England state, Vermont is a place popular with environmentalists, nature lovers, and small business owners.

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  • Virginia, VA

    From Virginia Beach to Washington D.C., Virginia has many charms to offer.

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  • Washington, WA

    Washington has a thriving economy, fueled by the traditional timber, farming, and fishing, as well as hosting premier universities, medical facilities, and high-tech corporations.

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  • Wisconsin, WI

    Though Wisconsin is known as the "Dairy State," opportunities in healthcare, education, and business are also prevalent.

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  • Wyoming, WY

    Though Wyoming does have cities (such as Casper, Cheyenne, Gillette, Laramie, and Rock Springs), it is a large state with the smallest population of all the states.

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