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Interstate Moving Costs and Estimates

What is interstate moving?

Interstate moving refers to relocating from one US state to another. You can be moving from Washington to California, or from Kentucky to Tennessee. Whatever the case, these long distances needs a lot of preparation especially in terms of budget. Click to view long distance moving costs estimates.

Doing it yourself or hiring professionals

If you think that doing a self-move is the cheaper solution, you’re sadly mistaken. Doing a long-distance move by yourself means that you have to rent a truck (usually on a per day basis). In addition to this, you also have to buy gas and pay for toll fees. You would also have to spend money during road stops and motel/hotel fees (unless if you plan sleeping in the truck). Most importantly, all of the time you’re wasting doing everything on your own equates to the money and earning potential that you lost, should you have been doing other important things. All in all, this can equate to hundreds, even thousands of dollars.

So yes, you would be better off hiring professionals instead.

How much will hiring a company cost?

Charges depend on the weight and volume of the goods you want transported. Of course, the distance also matters in the computation.

For example, moving one bedroom (3500 lbs) from Washington DC to New York City (240 miles) will cost you somewhere around $1,776.00.

On the other hand, transporting the same bedroom from New York City to San Francisco, California (longer distance of 2930 miles) will ring in a bill of around $4,134.00.


Estimates will give you an idea of how much your move will cost. Most companies will try to give you an estimate over the phone, but to be on the safe side, ask for an on-site estimate. This way, they’ll visit your home and make a more accurate estimate on your belongings.

There are also two major types of estimates:

  • Binding Estimate – A binding estimate is an agreement that you do with a company, prior to transport. It guarantees that the cost will not go over what was declared in the estimate. You should always ask for a written copy of the binding estimate.
  • Non-binding Estimate – Just like a Binding Estimate, a Non-binding estimate is made in advance with the company regarding the services, coverage and cost of the move. The difference is that, this one is not binding on the mover. Final changes can be made, depending on the ACTUAL weight of your shipment.

Companies may charge you for many other things if you don’t have a binding estimate so it is ALWAYS BEST TO ASK. You should also inquire about the additional charges that you may possibly incur.

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