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Last updated June 30, 2016

Helping your Neighbours Move

Love thy Neighbor

The bible says we have to do it: Love thy neighbor. But okay, religion aside, there is a lot of good to be done and gained, if we help out our neighbors.  Whether they’re moving in or out, as part of the community, you should at least offer a helping hand. Who knows, someday, you might end up in their position too. You’ll never know when you’d need to move as well.

Helping those Who are Moving In

So you have new neighbors. That’s great! New people, means new friends. Should you help them out? Of course you should! If you want to live a peaceful life then you should definitely get to know the people who live near you and if possible, befriend them. What can you do to help:

  • Say Hi! – Of course, you can’t just barge in on people without introducing yourself first. These people will be living right next to you for at least a couple of years or even longer, so try your best to start out on a positive vibe. Bring your spouse or partner during the first time, and later on, introduce your kids too. This will be a good idea if they have kids as well.
  • They might need to borrow some things – Since most of their belongings are still in boxes and containers, they might need a pair of scissors, a hammer or a screwdriver. Be a good neighbor and lend it to them.
  • Directions – They probably don’t know much about your town yet. If that’s the case, offer them suggestions on where they can get basic supplies (hospital, dental clinic, drugstore, bank) or where to eat.
  • Bring food over – Yes it’s a bit cliché, but there’s no harm in offering food. It shows your sincerity on wanting to be in good terms. You may even get invited over and get a chance be more acquainted.
  • Invite them over – Observe your new neighbors for a few days (or weeks if you’re not so easily trusting) and see if they’re good people. If you feel that they are then invite them over for lunch, dinner, or even just coffee and snacks. It’s a good avenue to get to know each other better.
  • Set play dates – If your new neighbors have kids who are about the same age as yours then set play dates at the park or local playground. Gaining new friends is one of the best ways to help children cope to moving.

Lending a Hand for those Moving Out

Just because your neighbors are leaving doesn’t mean that you should cut all your ties with them. Be a Good Samaritan and offer your assistance (especially if you were friends with them anyway):

  • Ask if they need any help – Some people are just too shy to ask, so offer it to them sincerely. They will definitely appreciate your effort in being proactive.
  • Offer to babysit their kids during moving day – It’s unsafe for kids to be loitering around the house when the movers come in to haul the big boxes and furniture. For the safety of both the movers and the kids of course, offer to watch over the little ones while their old house is a crazy mess.
  • Check out their garage sale if they have one – Most families hold garage sales a few weeks before they move. This is an effective way for them to lessen their load and make some extra cash on the side. You can help them out by being a customer. Who knows, this might be your chance to score that cool bicycle, handbag, or CD collection at a bargain price.
  • Forward their mail – They will probably get some mail even after they’ve gone. This can include personal mail, bills, or even magazine subscriptions. So before your neighbor moves, get their contact details so you can help them by sending it over to their new address.
  • Send-off party – If you are really good friends with them, it’s a good idea to prepare a simple send-off party for them. It doesn’t have to surprise. In fact, it would be better to inform them about it so they can plan their schedule. Just invite a few friends and wish them well on their new endeavour. To keep the cost down, ask the guests to bring food over, potluck-style. A send-off party will ensure that you can all remain friends and allow the chance for proper goodbyes.

Just because your neighbors will soon be gone doesn’t mean that you need to erase them from your life. Thanks to technology and possibly family ties, it’s so easy to stay in touch and remain friends. The same goes for new neighbors, don’t hesitate to smile and be kind to them because you (or your kids) could end up being the best of friends.

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