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10 Things that Interstate Moving Companies Won’t Tell You

We hire professional movers to help us and to make our lives easier. But before you choose which company to hire, take a closer look because some of them may not be telling you everything that you need to know.

Here’s a list of the 10 things most interstate companies won’t tell you:

1.  The right price.

Most companies will give customers low estimates to make the deal enticing, but once the clients are reeled in, they’ll bombard them with additional costs and price changes. When clients discover this, it is often too late.

2.  Size of the truck.

tmq-_0001_more suggestions in selecting a long distance moving company

Interstate moving companies will give you the dimensions of a truck and the corresponding price. Don’t take their word for it though. Go get a measuring tape and measure the actual truck in cubic feet. They may be overcharging you.

3.  Packing cost.

Deceptive companies entice customers with cheap price quotations but in the end, they surprise their clients with sky-high packing costs. To avoid this, ask for a breakdown of the quotation.

 4.  They don’t tell you that they are working with other companies.

Some companies that don’t have enough trucks will not admit that they are actually working with other companies to transport your things. They want customers to see them as big, credible and independent but in reality, they outsource and do transfers in the middle of shipping.

 5.  No upfront price.

The law states that all professionals should give you the price prior to loading. Don’t trust those companies that hurry you to start the project without even getting a clear quotation.

6.  REAL delivery schedule.

They like to tell you that your things will arrive on the day you prefer but this is not always true, especially if the target date is not realistic. Devious companies will just say yes to your requests but will then invent stories to explain the delays in delivery.

7.  Surcharges.

Try to be aware of any additional labor charges such as:

  •  Long Carry Charge – Entails bringing your stuff to a truck that cannot come into the driveway, extra work for the long carry
  • Shuttle Charge – When a big trailer cannot enter the community and they use a smaller truck to pick up your things
  • Stair Charge – When they have to go through a long flight of stairs

Most companies will only inform you of these charges in the end and you’ll be left with a huge bill to pay.

 8.  Company record and information.

Scam companies will not give clients any clear information about their business. Ask for their address, manager names and other company records so you’ll be assured of their credibility. Check their license info through government websites like and

 9.  The 110% Rule.

Once a company tells you the price before loading, the 110% Rule dictates that afterwards, the final price cannot exceed 110% of their original quote, even if they made a mistake while creating that quote.

10.  Proper payment schedule

Most interstate movers try to get the money prior to the shipping. Clients like you should know that you only need to pay AFTER everything is done.

Follow these tips, and know your rights as a customer. That way, you won’t be a victim of fraud and you’ll avoid getting ripped off by dubious companies.

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Ariane S

Expert Moving Advisor

Ariane is a proficient moving advisor. She has experience in corporate, individual and special relocations, and is well-versed in coordinating moves, packing tips and shipment estimations.
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