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Best Moving Tips

5 Things You Must Sell Before the Move

Are you preparing for to change houses? If so then you must immediately start going over what you own in order to determine which ones are keepers and which ones need to go.

Last updated 10/27/2013
How to Tip Movers

A lot of people are confused about tipping when it comes to movers. But the fact of the matter is this- just like any other service industry, tipping movers is not required but of course highly appreciated.

Last updated 10/23/2013
Keeping it Simple

According to the US Census Bureau, about 43 million Americans move each year. In fact statistics have shown that the average American is likely to move at least 12 times in their lifetime.

Last updated 10/23/2013

Maryland, MD - Best Moving Companies & Movers

Maryland, MD - Best Moving Companies & Movers

Fall In Love with Maryland

A place where you can find various place for arts, culture, and education such as The Maryland Historical Museum, Walters Art Museum, Jefferson Patterson Park and Museum, Antietam National Battlefield, National Children’s Museum, The Baltimore Museum of Art, King Williams School (1696, first school in the country), University of Maryland (opened the first dental school in the country), and the National Aquarium in Baltimore’s Inner harbor, Maryland is indeed rich in places where you can enjoy while learning.

With a total area of 12,407 square miles, Maryland was the birthplace of some iconic figures like Babe Ruth, and the Sultan of Swat. It was also the first state to implement the Workmen’s Compensation Laws that was enacted at the year 1902.

Culture, history, and a good standard of living, Maryland sure is one of the best places to live in the United States.

After Falling In Love, You Move In

Moving in doesn’t just refer to lovers! Once you’ve fallen in love with the beauty of Maryland, you would definitely want to stay.

But before you do, it’s important for you to plan your relocation carefully.

You can start with finding a good moving company that you can trust. Make sure that it’s accredited and licensed by the federal agencies for the moving industry. And ensure also that they have a good history with previous clients.

Afterwards, you can start creating a timetable for the tasks you need to do prior to moving day.

This should include making an inventory of your possessions, arranging for basic utilities, arranging your banking and financial records, preparing your children and their education (if you have any), and of course, the dreaded task of packing.

Just remember to do things one step at a time. Use your timetable as a guide on how much progress you’ve done. Don’t panic and don’t stress out too much.

Moving can be a fun and life-changing moment. You just need to breathe, prepare, and make the most out of it!

Find Movers the Easy Way

There are a lot of Maryland movers who will offer you their services. But you can never be too sure if they’re legit or not. The best thing to do is to go to Top Mover Quotes and let us do the search for you. We can direct you to the most reputable movers in Maryland and ensure that you’ll team up with the best.

Just fill out our short form and we’re good to go.

With Top Mover Quotes, finding the right movers is easy!

Top Moving Companies in the Area

  • Mayflower Transit - All American Relocation
    Mayflower Transit - All American Relocation
    • Specialties

      All American is an award winning service provider of both domestic and international household and commercial relocation services. We have facilities in Raleigh, Charlotte and Fayetteville, North Carolina.Our global network specializes in providing residential moving services, employee relocations, industrial and office relocations, office furnishing and furniture installation, storage, warehousing, asset management and specialized transportation services to our valued customers "Whatever It Takes."

    • History

      Established in 1998 Our success is built around a simple approach: we strive to employ the industry's best people, equip them with the latest technology and tools, and empower them to build life-long customer relationships through our unrelenting dedication to client satisfaction.

    • Meet the Business Owner: Brett P.

      A native of North Carolina and a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Plummer started his career in the residential moving and storage business while working for McCauley Moving & Storage in Fayetteville in 1986.In 1989, Brett moved to Raleigh and began working for West Brothers Moving & Storage as the Operations and Warehouse Manager. He expanded his career into Dispatching, Sales and General Management. With the desire to own his own business he partnered with John Potts and bought West Brothers Moving & Storage and changed the name to All American Relocation, Inc. Under the new leadership, talents and experience set in place, All American quickly expanded from 25 to 150 employees. Being a man of integrity and personal values with a hands on approach to business, Plummer, along with his dedicated staff, has taken the company to award winning success. user photo

  • Mark's Movers
    Mark's Movers
    • Specialties

      Mark's Movers is a Raleigh NC moving company providing residential and commercial moves, packing and unpacking services, rental truck loading and unloading, mobile storage unit rental and more.We use only company trained, permanent employees. We handle your items with the same care we would expect. We can also provide packing and moving supplies including boxes, tape, bubble wrap and other packaging materials.We provide free quotes and have a client referral and retention rate of over eighty-five percent.

    • History

      Established in 1998 Mark's Movers began in 1998 on the idea of providing exceptional service, affordable rates and a wide variety of services from a local, Raleigh moving company.

    • Meet the Business Owner: Mark R.

      Mark Rupsky is the owner and operator of Raleigh NC based Mark's Movers. Mark places a great amount of emphasis on using permanent, company trained movers on each and every job. Mark treats each move like he's moving a member of his own family ensuring your items are securely transported and arrive undamaged.

  • J & J Moving
    J & J Moving
    Company has not supplied an info yet
  • ML Movers
    ML Movers
    • Specialties

      We adapt to all types of moving needs and weather. Household Moving Residential Moving Commercial / Office Moving Full Packing ServicesStorage ServicesCar Transport services Delivery Services

    • History

      Established in 2007 Miguel Lainez founded ML MOVERS in 2007 and has since provided local moving services. Now thanks to the support that we've gotten from our clients our business has expanded.Today, ML MOVERS has over 5,000 customers a year but no matter how large we've grown, a personalized and friendly service is still very important to us and is a key to our success. We recognize your voice on the phone. We remember the details of your move, and always accomplish it to your satisfaction.Even though we have struggled with a few bad reviews we always tend to be on top of things and one of our priorities is the satisfaction of our customers. It is impossible to satisfy each and every customer but we do our best to provide a professional and easy moving experience which our other 95% of good reviews show for it.

    • Meet the Business Owner: Miguel L.

      ML MOVERS was founded in 2007 by Miguel Lainez and has since provided local moving services. Now thanks to the support that we've gotten from our clients our business has expanded.

    • ML Movers Also Recommends

      Seaport Storage Center

  • All Things Home Organizing
    All Things Home Organizing
    • Specialties

      All Things Home Organizing™ does two things:Your home. Organized™We provide a comprehensive range of home organizing services that help you to get organized and keep your home looking beautiful - and orderly.Your move. Easier.™We handle any part of your move that you'd rather not do yourself - from carefully packing up your possessions and coordinating with the movers, to unpacking and creating the perfect way to organize everything in your new home.We invite you to call us at (510) 654-7983 or email to for a free consultation. We serve the ENTIRE San Francisco Bay Area.

    • History

      Established in 2000 An organized and orderly home is one of life's great pleasures. I founded All Things Home Organizing™ because I'm exceptional at providing organizing services for my clients. Having a live / work environment that is functional, stylish and ORGANIZED lets people focus on what's most important in their lives: their work, interests, creativity, and friends & family. I've organized kitchens, closets, home offices, garages, bedrooms, bathrooms, basements, attics, apartments, condo's, and even dorm rooms. Wherever you live and work, it should be a place that feels comfortable and supportive.Over the years I've developed a specialty for helping families (and busy singles) move and relocate. By offering end-to-end move planning and coordination, I can save them a lot of time, worry and needless hassle.As a Golden Circle member of the National Association of Professional Organizers, All Things Home Organizing™ serves the entire San Francisco Bay Area.

    • Meet the Business Owner: Gayle G.

      I have been a professional organizer in the San Francisco Bay Area for over 15 years. It naturally evolved from my previous business as a bookkeeper and consultant for small business owners. Setting up and maintaining financial records just spilled out (figuratively speaking) into business planning and organization.In addition to organizing, I love to cook, and even got my pastry certificate at the California Culinary Academy (so I definitely know my way around an efficient kitchen!). Naturally, I love to eat at great restaurants, shop at the Ferry Plaza Market in San Francisco, and read cookbooks (love 'Stars Desserts by Emily Luchetti). I do volunteer my time working with such organizations as Wardrobe for Opportunity, the East Bay SPCA, and user photo

    • All Things Home Organizing Also Recommends



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